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Hi there! I am Emma Connolly and I am an Art Director with a degree in advertising and minor in communication studies from Temple University. My unique experience at Temple University is what makes me a great team member in advertising today. I was a cheerleader at Temple for 3 years; learning, leading, and taking on the role as the student athlete representative for my team all while working with a demanding schedule. I am fueled by my passion for understanding creative direction in advertising. I consider myself a “forever student”, not because of my loans, but because I'm eager to both build on my academic foundations in advertising and communication studies through continued coursework and professional development. 

My passion for design and creativity has given me the opportunity to take on any creative role. As I interned with Diamond Edge Communications, I contributed to the creative direction of the non-profit organization Interfaith Caregivers. In this role, I led the Giving Tuesday and Holiday House Tour campaigns.

I believe that acceptance, mindfulness and a positive attitude are keys to success in the workplace. I am anticipating working in advertising after graduation and am always looking for my next challenge. Reach out to me at for more information. 

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